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Monday, 22 July 2013

Breaking the shell !!

Moma gave me warmth
Papa flew around me
Cosseted me from perils
Out of harm's way
Beneath their wings

One dreaded day
They flew away and
Left me on my own
To find destiny

I held on to his arm
I looked deep into his eyes
And like a ghost muttered
‘Never leave me alone’

One dreaded day
He walked away and
Left me on my own
To find destiny

My resting nest was cold
And the warmth was vanishing
My shell seemed so chilly
I felt no warmth

Afraid of the world’s humanity
I shut myself in ma shell.
Starting to dissolve into
A lump of mire

It become more chilly
I feel no more warmth
Before the last stray of
Hope vanished I had
To break free

Alas when my shell broke
I was pained and wounded
I veiled the garden of
My beautiful mind & soul
In the backyard of dead

For days I was lost
In the darkness and blindfold
Shadows of my loneliness
Loomed on me like dark clouds
Severed as a cast away

On the Horizon,
I saw a light
Shining so bright
I walked towards the
New ray of hope,
To start my novel days

My armor’s brawny and pallid.
My fears have shrunk to zilch.
I feel so magnificent from inside
I march to conquer the world
I struggle to survive a night

I fight all the odds
I learn to love life.
I have made peace
With the world

Alas I've freed my destiny
I feel happiness in my pain
I feel pain in my happiness

It’s beautiful to breathe.