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Monday, 8 August 2016

Once a joy and now a junk!!

 I say;

Tiny little collectibles
Was my joy
Tiny little collectibles
Were my Toys

I looked at it all the time
They looked so beautiful
And I swelled with pride
My possessions seemed
Like a treasure

Once it was a joy
Once it was a toy
Later it became a throw away
And finally it found its place
In the junk. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016



So grateful I’m to live as me

I have a roof over my head
Every night I whimper
For warmth in my bed

I have food on my plate
Every meal I grumble
For fancy food in my bowl

I have a hale and hearty body
Every day I whine
For a fabulous bikini figure.

Greedy for love, luxury and lushness
Never contented for the blessings
Are we all alike or is it just me

So grateful should I be to live as me. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

My soul is untouched....

I say;

My soul is untouched

They say my soul is buried
They say my love is conquered.

A touch should be soft as a feather
It should touch your heart
A kiss should be hot as a dragon
It should burn your soul
A bond should be hard as a frost
It should make you quiver.

Lost were those days
When a touch of the feather gave me goose bums
Lost were those days
When the kiss of the dragon seemed so hot
Lost were those days
When those bonds held me back.

I fell into the deep water
Lost in the depth
Floating with the waves

While being washed on to the shore
I crept into the crimson bottle
Then together we float
Ahead of you to be found.

 ~ Prinzie