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Monday, 9 January 2012

Being a smug….

How do you deal with life’s problems?
Sometimes they seem never ending and unsolvable. I’ve learnt from my experiences that time is the biggest healer.  When I really think about it, I’ve come to realize that the life-altering problems that I faced a few years back are not important anymore. At that point of time, it was probably the worst crisis of my life. However, now they seem silly. In short, all the smug, self-satisfied, self-titled ‘philosophers’ were actually right when they all repeated the too often quoted clichĂ© about time being the ultimate healer.
As I grew older, on the occasion of a new crisis, I’ve learned to pause and reflect on my circumstances.If you really give the impression of looking at it on a more realistic level, it is not often possible to put it into practice, but at least it allows ‘time’ to take over and ease the situation.
A few years back when I was working at a University, I remember attending a seminar which was absolutely irrelevant to my job and the topic was nowhere close to the major I’d graduated in.The only reason why I gate-crashed the seminar was just to kill some supposedly quality working hours and at the same time keep up the pretense of being hard at work. Sometime during the seminar, I heard the professor say   “we must LEARN, UN-LEARN & RE-LEARN’’. I’m sure he was referring to it on the basis of his topic – International Business. Meanwhile I was busy in my thoughts. Something about those words stroke chord in my mind
As far as my thoughts were concerned, I was able to draw up a self explanation. I elaborated in my mind that as human beings, from the moment we are born,to every waking moment of our daily life, it is all about learning new things. Eventually at some point of time our brain fills up with so much of information that it reaches a phase where its capability of accommodating more learning is questioned. As a natural process the brain re-configures by classifying, recovering and recycling to make itself more legroom. Recent studies have shown that in reality, the human brain forgets nothing. However, this is also altered by old-age, certain diseases and other brainy factors. The list might be long, which only a medical professional could explain. However, my point is that our brain is naturally designed in a way that it automatically Learns, Un-learns and Re-learns. It’s just like a biological version of a Hard disk and a Random Access Memory (RAM) of a modern computer.
This made me think, if the human brain is biologically capable of doing such things automatically without having us to order it around, then isn’t it possible for the human mind to make a conscious effort to implement such process into our daily life on a whole new level mentally? After all, we human beings are known for being the prime species on earth solely due to the capability of our brain and mind.
We can make everyday a new experience to learn from. Learn and understand our good and bad deeds from our problems. By correcting and unlearning from our bad deeds, we eventually make space to re-learn to open up new ladders to climb high.
I figured that if we made a mindful effort to do so, we can employ this natural method into our life. Although,this thought about implementing & employing it into our daily life is an entire new way of looking at positive signals in life, it doesn’t seem practically very easy. No matter how inflexible it is, at least it helps me be a critic of my own line of action. It’s all very easy to say this, but what I’m doing is still a far cry from what I should be doing. It will probably take a lot more time and experience to really do what I know I should be doing.

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