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Friday, 20 July 2012

Collectibles..... once a toy !!!


Like all children I too had hobbies and collectibles. Collectibles can sometimes be weird, but there was a time when I was focused on it day and night.

In my early days, one of my weirdest collectibles used to be Nido tin seals. Nido was a famous brand for milk powder. Those days it had odd promotions. It goes like this…..The more number of tin seals you collected, you had more chance of winning a prize - depending on the promotion. Sometimes the prizes were walk-mans, clocks, salad bowls, coffee mugs, toys, bags and many more. One of it was to collect 15 tin seals to claim for a walk-man. I waited for months to finish collecting 15 tin seals to own a walk-man. I forced myself to drink more milk so that my mom would buy more of Nido. The day I achieved 15 seals was the happiest day of my life. I was going to be an owner of a walk-man. I rushed to the store and grabbed my prized possession. To my sheer bad luck, it worked for a few minutes and then stopped. That was the most heart-breaking episode of my life. After a lot of crying I finally managed to get more tin seals from my mom and got another one. It worked perfectly fine and was one of my best possessions.

After having accomplished my first collectible prize, I never stopped. I went on with my collections and finally won all the prizes that were up during the promotion time. I m sure all ma friends back in gulf those days shared the same happiness as i did.  

I really don’t know when I stopped, but when I come to think about it now. I feel it was the best moment of my life, when I earned something for all the hardships I went through to posses them. I wouldn’t have been so happy about my goodies if it came to me effortlessly.

By the way….I still have the walk-man but i lost all the others.

 I say;
Tiny little collectibles
Was my joy
Tiny little collectibles
Were my Toys

I looked at it all the time
They looked so beautiful
And I swelled with pride
My possessions seemed
Like a treasure

Once it was a joy
Once it was a toy
Later it became a throw away
And finally it found its place
In the junk. 

1 comment:

  1. true! Sometimes things are treasures and at other times, they become junk! Nothing lasts forever!