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Sunday, 22 July 2012

There’s always a rainbow between every sunshine and rain.

There’s always a rainbow between every sunshine and rain.

All unmarried people ask… the same question. How does it feel to be married?

I was once on the other side of the wall, trying hard to take a peek into the green pasture, which I saw from far. Least did I know that in reality there wasn’t much difference. I thought there was a whole up-to-the-minute world out there. Before my big day, I asked a lot of married friends of mine, they all said aloud…. ‘’PLS don’t get married……’’.

After 2 years into marriage, I am still the same person who stood behind that wall yesterday. There is beyond doubt a slight alteration in my daily routine (which definitely includes cleaning, washing and cooking). Everyone who’s reading this… if you’re not a cleanliness freak, please ignore this part.

I had imagined a life full of enchanting splendor awaiting me on the other side. Initially I felt numb to accept reality (I m sure many of us have even been strode stricken). I was diffidently hard hit when my dreams were shattered. It never struck me that I wasn’t living in the 80’s-90’s drama world (modern time’s fairy tales). Some of us blame, nag and cry – Others bear with it, and pretend to be happy.
I realized blaming, nagging and whining were symptoms to be worried about. I Immediately called the doctors – My friends. We all know the absolute friendship saying ‘A friend in need is always a friend indeed’, which we quote necessarily and unnecessarily. We seldom use it only because we all absolutely understand the meaning of it, but rarely does it come handy. Initially there was always an ear to my cries. My sorrows were their sorrows. In a while, I realized it wasn’t very pleasant to hear someone whine and brag almost all the time. Eventually my signs turned into an ‘attitude’, which bored others. The rest is imaginable. Habitually I realized that too much of my unhappiness crushed the quote that always rang in my head. I m glad I didn’t lose any friends to whom I always painfully skinned out my entire quandary. I consciously took hold of my situation of me being on the brink of being branded as a character. The lesson I learned from my verdict is that I would rather keep friends for good times and keep my solitude to help me shadow my grief.

Finally I had to step back to acknowledge the truth. It took me a lot of time to appreciate that it was not my marriage that failed me but it was my soaring expectations about the fairy land I dreamt of. I contemplate that my fantasy was the sole enemy who traumatized my life. Don’t we all mistake it for our marriage??On an over all, my lost fantasy depression syndrome that crept into me made me decide that being single was always better.
Well…. Isn’t this the rumor or the bad message we multiply every day. Aren’t we sadists to bestow an off beam impression about the concept of marriage? Just because I allowed myself to create my own fantasy, I botched to enjoy that ice-cream when it was cold and sip on that coffee when it was steaming hot. I waited until the ice cream melted and the coffee turned lukewarm.

Time never runs back, but we definitely have sufficed time at our forefront to build new fantasies. I fixed myself some most modern fantasies and I totally enjoy my marriage, love and the comfort zone I share with my partner. I suppose there’s no fun if you don’t wind, unwind and rewind relationships.
Its high times all the married people around the globe stop pulling the wool over somebody else’s eyes? It is our minds which make our relationships lukewarm and undesirable. Let’s live it when it’s still enthusiastic…. and let others also have their share of fun in marriage.

I still don't know if my marriage has turned into a rainbow!!! 
There’s always a rainbow between every sunshine and rain.

I say;

My soul is untouched

They say my soul is buried
They say my love is conquered.

A touch should be soft as a feather
It should touch your heart
A kiss should be hot as a dragon
It should burn your soul
A bond should be hard as a frost
It should make you quiver.

Lost were those days
When a touch of the feather gave me goose bums
Lost were those days
When the kiss of the dragon seemed so hot
Lost were those days
When those bonds held me back.

I fell into the deep water
Lost in the depth
Floating with the waves

While being washed on to the shore
I crept into the crimson bottle
Then together we float
Ahead of you to be found.

 ~ Prinzie


  1. Nice one .. I liked this much !!

  2. So you have learned, unlearned or re-learned some imp lessons in life frm the other side & still remain unchanged. Beautiful.

  3. wow!!! This is too good and so true

  4. Wow! Beautiful...The creeping into the crimson bottle and floating ahead to be found thought...priceless!